Colostrum Supports Cellular Nutrition

Colostrum Online introduces a great HD dramatic video choreographed to powerful music introduces the viewer/student to the wonder and miracle of cells. Colostrum Online suggest that the protection of colostrum can protect these cellular functions. As for the video, it is designed as a motivational “trailer” to be shown by Biology, Biochemistry and Life Science teachers in middle and high school and college as a visual “Introduction” to this amazing microscopic world. Music is “Fire and Ice” by Groove Addicts.”

We can all learn about our body and how best to protect it.

Colostrum Online Supports Cellular Nutrition

Colostrum Online Supports Cellular Nutrition supplied to cells. As in skin cells gene expression is responsible for the synthesis and recycling of the dermal matrix. Its genes for blood filtering or nerve impulse conduction are switched off – Otherwise chaos and malfunctions would ensue.
As we age the genes in our cells tend to become deregulated. Most importantly, many genes that are supposed to stay switched off become active (expressed) in the “wrong cells and at the wrong times”.
In this video certain function clearly appear to contribute to many detrimental characteristics seen in aged cells, such as abnormal size and shape, accumulation of molecular junk (e.g. pigments) and vesicles (e.g. lysosomes), overproduction of unnecessary and tissue-inappropriate proteins, and so forth.
Colostrum can modulate the immune system preventing some of the gene deregulation which appears to be intertwined with other mechanisms of aging. The majority of anti-aging measures particularly colostrum may reduce the progression of gene deregulation.

Anti-Aging Measures

The majority of anti-aging measures will reduce the progression of gene deregulation. Such measures include achieving ideal body weight; optimizing carbohydrate metabolism (via diet, exercise and, possibly, natural anti-inflammatory supplements); reducing the level of inflammation in the body (e.g. by increasing intake of omega-3 fatty acids, Bovine Colostrum); minimizing exposure to UV light; reducing stress; and so forth. Most experts agree that a mild variant of caloric restriction is likely to benefit both human health and longevity supported by a properly administered supplemental dose of Colostrum.

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    The background music was awesome :)

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    1405rabbit last year in grade 8 my teacher Mr Giles showed me this and after it my bottom jaw was on the floor!! I immediatley asked him to tell me the song and to write the name of the video on paper!

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    Nice view of cells, my classmates kept asking the teacher to repeat the video!
    We all love the view of the cells and the music!!

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    Song is Fire and Ice by Groove Addicts.

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    You are welcome. As a teacher, I love it when I can have such an effect on kids!!!

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    My kids asked me what the human body was made of once. I showed them this…Their mouths were on the floor. Thanks for making this

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    I just watched this video in class today it rocks. Now I can’t wait to study about cells

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    Extremely beautiful. I have a serious illness and watching this inspires me. This is healing video. Thank you so much.

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    Thank you. I am very glad the video will help you. Please tell your colleagues about it, so that more students can enjoy its message on the wonder of cells.

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    wow, its marvellous Mr Frank, the background music goes well with the film! i will use it in my class. its just wow…!!! well done, ur a genious!

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    We study about cell lol

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    You can download all of my videos for free. Just visit my Vimeo website. Look on my channel page for the link. Please also tell your colleagues about my work.

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    its fascinating……this video inspires me to continue sharing all the science video lessons that i have hoping that it can help other people to have more information about science..

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    We watched this VT in biology today – amazing, really dramatic!

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    this was shown in my science class today im 13 but im really into science :)

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    Amazing video, i couldnt help but wonder why the background music sounded similar to “My Name Is Lincoln”

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    Would you happen to know how they achieve this or were I could read about it?

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    Thank you :) 

  35. Frank Gregorio says:

    The cells are types of white blood cells. They have the ability to change shape and engulf foreign compounds and other bacterial invaders. They are truly NEAT!

    Some teens do not get turned on by science because the way it is presented to them can be incomplete, boring or rushed. Teachers come in many levels of experience and some of us either have inadequate teaching materials to work with, or have not discovered the magic of our subject personally. Students also misbehave and can be lazy.

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    This video is amazing, i really dont understand why teens are not intrested in science ( i’m a teen my self). Would you happen to know what the name of the cells are at 00:44 and 01:56 ? your help would be greatly apriciated.

  37. Richyrich319 says:

    Amazing you can create these videos (with 50% accuracy) and not see that evolution is totally impossible.
    You fail to mention that ALL proteins are stereoisomers L shifted. random chemical reactions would ALWAYS make equal right and left isomers which will shut everything down, the proteins would twist wrong and all would die.
    You know this, please be honest.
    God has control over everything.

  38. Frank Gregorio says:

    You are so welcome! Please help me get the message to others by posting links to my channel on your social media sites. Thanks

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    Frank – your videos are AMAZING. I love them and so do my students. Thank you for making biology beautiful to teenagers who often don’t care.

  40. Swiss Harmony says:

    Hi Frank, your videos are just so wonderful and moving. As I live in Switzerland, I have edited it with my own voice and added your credits at the end. It will be part of a more extensive work explaining 3 fatal errors that keep so many people from living a healthy live.
    If you are interested to have a look at my version of your video, just let me know. It is supposed to be on my website but not yet public and only available with private link on youtube.
    Many thanks and all the best!

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    Geneticists mainly communicate in English – lots of genes, proteins and lab-techniques have English names, publications (even in Germany (where I live)) are written in English, important scientific magazines are international – thus in English. English is the most important language for scientists, however, if you decide to work in China or for a company that has connections with China your Chinese surely will come in handy. :)

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    You can download this video for free at my other video storage site, To do so, first navigate to my YouTube channel page by simply clicking my name (Frank Gregorio) under the title of this video. Then, click the link to my vimeo site (it’s located on the right side of my channel page). Once at vimeo, sign up for a free vimeo account. Then, locate my video and under its written description will be a download link.


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    As a student of the fascinating science of biology myself I adore this video very much :D
    After having watched some your videos (here and on Vimeo) I really feel that you truely have a great passion for science – you are the science teacher I allways had wanted but never was lucky enough to get… I mean, a science teacher who creates his own animated videos – how cool is that?! Great job Mr. Gregorio!

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